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Navigating the talent shift in the digital transformation era

Today, companies everywhere are facing what leaders are calling the “Digital Imperative”—transform your business with digital speed, scale, and value, or else. Our rapidly-changing Digital Economy has created a sharp increase in need for a new kind of corporate agility: an On-demand Workforce that is transforming the way the world does business. The question is, […]

Why SPEED works: get ready for project-based, on-demand success

The on-demand workplace is here to stay, and it will continue to gain momentum. Change is the only thing that is certain in work and life, and there’s no end to the changes occurring in the workplace and workforce. The on-demand workplace is here to stay, and it will continue to gain momentum. But, like […]

Execute: Set & meet expectations

Setting and meeting expectations is key to successful project execution. Now that you have selected your consultant, set the project up for successful execution by documenting the project deliverables in a Statement of Work (SOW), onboarding the consultant, and integrating them into your team. Statement of work The Statement of Work is a high level, […]

Evaluate project metrics

The Evaluate phase is critical to ensuring that the work is getting done as agreed upon in the statement of work (SOW). Creating metrics is key to understanding if your investment is generating the intended ROI. It is also an early warning system to get ahead of possible issues… Once the consultant is on board, […]

The on-demand workforce: agile, adaptable, accountable

Because businesses increasingly are required to do more with less, companies large and small are beginning to see the critical need for project-based, on-demand teams to drive business outcomes. One of my favorite business books is Jim Collins’ classic bestseller Good to Great. He gets right to the heart of what causes workplace transformation: “The […]

The SPEED solution: delivering at the speed of digital

SPEED is about defining your business needs and goals and determining what talent and skills you’ll need to achieve success. Several years ago, my team invented a new approach to work. SPEED stands for Success, Plan, Execute, Evaluate and Decide. It changes the way most managers traditionally look at things. First and foremost, SPEED enables […]

The talent shift mindset and project-based approach

The old “work for one business until you retire” mentality is no longer realistic, even feasible, for the modern workplace. Since 2006 when I started my company, I’ve seen how agility and outside-the-box thinking has enabled some organizations to stay competitive and drive innovation in impressive ways, and has accelerated their business results and allowed […]

The new work landscape and the digital drive to compete

A lot is happening, and happening fast. The big question: How will companies compete in this new economy? Across the planet, companies everywhere are working to adapt to the speed and demands of Digital Transformation. There is—what BCG calls—a Digital Imperative to take action. In fact, things are happening so fast there isn’t one current, […]

Plan: Create your project description

Now that you've identified what success looks like, it's time to kick off the planning process. In the plan phase, you'll gain clarify on how to meet your business objectives and fill the talent gap on your team. Project description To begin the planning process, you will first need to craft a project description that […]

Success: Set the foundation for your on-demand team

The first step of creating an on-demand team using the proven SPEED methodology is Success. Let's start by identifying your most important outcome. You likely have many needs and goals, but by focusing on one main project you gain the clarity that will help to fast-track the process. You are much better off when you’re […]

Decide: Determine new or continuing project needs

Once your goals are met, it's time to decide if there are new or continuing project needs. When you achieve project goals, you feel empowered to tackle the next project in a faster and more efficient way. But first, you must decide whether the current project remains a priority. If it is, continue the work […]