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For a  Changing Workplace.

As digital transformation makes business move with greater speed and complexity, project leaders face complicated choices about how to get results. We offer a return to simplicity with a unique hybrid model that provides ready access to a community of highly experienced consultants ready to help you execute strategies that make an impact.

Simplicity understands my business and can find me the right talent to help my team achieve our marketing goals with very little direction.

Sr. marketing manager

Amazon Web Services

Broad experience. Specialized focus. On-Demand. 

& Design

Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Community Management
  • UX/UI
  • Graphic Design
  • PowerPoint
  • SharePoint
  • Digital Analytics
  • Instructional Design  

& Content

Content Marketing
  • Executive, Internal, External
  • Speechwriting
  • Storytelling, Writing, Editing 
  • Email
  • Asset Management
  • Change Management
  • Brand Messaging Framework
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Media Relations

Project & Program

Channel Marketing
  • Partner, Retail, OEM
  • Events
  • Campaigns 
  • Launches
  • Merchandising
  • Business Management
  • Strategy
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Scorecards & Dashboards
  • Agency Management

Read a few of our

Success Stories

mARKETING-ON-DEMAND: Embedded experts supercharged  support for Global AWS launch

 Amazon Web Services had end-to-end marketing needs in a rapid launch timeframe. 
Results: Simplicity built a Marketing-On-Demand team with embedded experts for the precise work AWS needed for its large-scale audience. In less than seven months, Simplicity created more than 100 case studies, customer testimonials and several white papers. Simplicity’s project-based model maximized AWS’s marketing budget and minimized fees, while providing impactful expertise in customer evidence, content marketing and sales enablement.
As a result of this successful engagement, AWS shifted from using a traditional marketing firm and adopted the Simplicity program as the standard practice for the entire department.


Challenge: The XBOX team wanted to digitally transform the customer purchasing experience.  The idea: launch a digital marketing program that allows gamers to purchase a code in store and download content online.  
Results: Simplicity operationalized a digital marketing program to execute the XBOX vision. The Simplicity team combined expertise in Digital Marketing, Asset Management, Business Analytics, and Project Management to drive explosive one-year growth from 150 titles in 16 countries to 670 titles in 29 countries.

COMMUNICATIONS-On-DEMAND: Strategic Storytelling  LEADS Change management

With the acquisition of Virgin America, Alaska Airlines needed to merge operational-critical  IT systems to maximize company-wide awareness and seamless integration of networks. 
Results: Simplicity led the Change Management effort with a clear and consistent communications strategy. Employing strong storytelling and writing competencies, our team effectively conveyed the necessity and positive impact of the change by producing creative assets, including executive leadership and employee communications, such as blogs, newsletters, dashboards and video.


Challenge: Operationalizing an exceptional partner experience across the board, while ensuring business continuity through managing business functions for a large sales channel.
Results: Simplicity consultants deploy comprehensive expertise and support for OEM teams from project management, marketing analytics, program management, partner marketing, sales readiness and business management, to retail channel marketing, visual merchandising, packaging, fixture design and communications. 
We also maintain the rhythm of the business by conducting consistent strategic development, forecasting, and negotiation and monitoring of partnership deals and other business-critical dependencies.
Simplicity has provided exceptional resources for every single project I’ve ever managed.

marketing manager


Flexible, Tailored Engagements.

Simplicity crafts solutions around your needs that drive innovation, reduce cost and get results. Here’s how you can engage with us.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Project)

A consultant’s work-life doesn’t have to be a solitary one. If you have your own network of business, you can still be a part of a community of like-minded professionals and share in the benefits, camaraderie and best practices. We provide all the perks and benefits of employment – including health, 401(k) and PTO – along with the flexibility to do the work you love.

Managed Teams

Our expert executive advisors scope your project and determine the right resources to deliver on your KPIs. We build, manage and report out the results of our teams with our clients.

Individual Placement (Contract or FTE)

The right expertise, right now. We connect you with a Talent Manager who speaks your language and has access to our curated network of over 6,000 proven marketing professionals. You will get more done in less time. You want a rock star with a great attitude and the willingness to happily do the work and make your life better.

Executive Advisory

We have a network of experienced business, leadership and marketing professionals who can provide consulting and coaching to help C-level executives take their business to the next level.

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